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Vancouver search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization

From: Len Molden, Vancouver SEO Professional

I'm a well-known and respected Vancouver Internet Marketing Professional, who can provide you with proposals containing specific costs and services outlined for all of these services I offer:

Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEM and SEO)

Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization (Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Blogging, Digg & Others)

Internet Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing Campaigns

Web Analytics

Natural (Organic) search engine marketing campaigns

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing campaigns

Keyword search phrase research and recommendations

Keyword density analysis of existing website copy

Analysis of internet marketing work done by another company

Link building (various levels)

Competitive research and recommendations

Copy writing services (I specialize in writing website content friendly to Google, Yahoo, and MSN among others)

Can do consulting work with companies, organizations, and individuals located anywhere in Canada and the United States

Vancouver search engine optimization

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